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Shauni B Media Exclusive Coverage

Discover our diverse range of exclusive interviews, live events, and industry coverage.

Music Artist Interviews

Engaging interviews with music artists from various genres.

Showcasing talented individuals from various entertainment genres.

Spotlight on entrepreneurs and small business owners in our community.

Entertainer Spotlights
Small Business Features

Listen Live

Listen Live to WSBM 99.7

Media Marketing Build Your Brand

Shauni B Media offers top-notch media marketing services to help your brand gain maximum exposure. We help you create a strong online presence through strategic content creation, social media management, and targeted advertising campaigns. By leveraging our media marketing services, you can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately boost your sales and revenue. With Shauni B Media, you can trust that your brand will be effectively promoted across various digital platforms, reaching a wider audience and making a lasting impact in the competitive market. Let us take your brand to the next level with our tailored media marketing solutions.

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Radio Station Services

Shauni B Media Offers interviews with music artists, small business owners, entertainers, athletes, onsite radio broadcasting, and great merchandise.

Free Radio Station WSBM 99.7
Free Radio Station
Free Radio Station

Listen to music, interviews, and entertainment on our dynamic radio station.

Radio Interview
Radio Interview
Digital Media Solutions
Digital Media Solutions
Radio Interviews

We offer a variety of engaging and informative public radio interviews with a range of fascinating guests.

Shauni B Media specializes in providing a wide range of digital media solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Digital Media Solutions

Music Industry Services Offered

Music Business World Wide

Web Development
Music Publishing
SEO Marketing Plan

Shauni B Media delivers custom web design and development services focusing on branding your company. New web technologies allow your website to have extensions of it across the web.

Music publishing services for musicians and songwriters, include copyright management, licensing, and distribution of their music. These services can help artists protect their intellectual property.

Shauni B Media knows, see marketing plans for musicians are essential for increasing their online visibility and reaching a wider audience, by optimizing their website and social media profiles.

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Reach out to schedule interviews for music artists, small business owners, and more.

Contact Shauni B Media
Contact Shauni B Media

Shauni B Media is the go-to for exclusive interviews and top-notch merchandise. Their radio station is a must-listen for music lovers and entertainment enthusiasts.

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a couple of men walking down a street
a couple of men walking down a street